Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My 1st day of Sheridan going to School

Okay there is no short version, sorry. I woke almost every hour on the hour last night. Yes! I was nervous about my little girl going to school. At 6am I fell back asleep and was sleeping good, only to have the baby wake me up for a bottle. No point in going back to bed, because Sheridan is going to get up in 20 minutes!

I woke her up at 7:20AM......

Me: "Baby girl, Time to get ready for school"

Sheridan: (stretching and moaning) "I just want to go back to bed"

ME: (Laughing) Come on, it's your first day!!!!!

She sits up, smiles, and agrees. She picks Cheerios and put her clothes on. She is coaching me the whole time. "You will be okay momma, don't be sad". She was so cute! SO we ALL are heading out the door and Aaron reaches back in the door and locks it! As he is pulling it closed, I say, "KEYS!". Of course I didn't grab keys because we are walking 3 houses down to the bus stop! Why lock it????!!!!! He panics, turns around, turns the handle, duh locked!!!!

So I told him, "oh well...lets walk her to the bus stop and figure out the rest later". So here is when it gets cute. She sees her friends and is standing by them. The bus pulls up and the kids get in a straight line, waiting to cross the street. Sheridan just stands there! I forgot to tell her that part! So I kinda yell, "Sheridan get in the line Honey!" She looks at them and goes to the line. Then the kids get the okay to cross. All (meaning only 3 others) cross. Well as soon as Sheridan gets in front of the bus, she looks back and pauses for a second! My heart broke! She kinda froze! I can imagine the front of a bus to someone as tiny as her, is intimidating! So I said, "go on, you've got it". So I felt like a complete dork, but it was my time to coach her. The two other girls at the bus stop sat together and well Sheridan walked right up to them and they let her sit in between them!!!! Thank goodness. I felt my knees shaking at that point!

She waves. I turn to walk home with tears running down my face. Next stop...the locked front door. As I walk crying and holding my baby boy, I pray to God. I prayed, "Please, please Lord, let us just get into the house". Aaron tries the back 2doors, both locked. Then by a miracle...the front door was unlocked! Unbelievable to us! Aaron tried it and it was locked! And then it wasn't. Praise God! I think we had our angel, Jarrod, looking out for us this morning.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I asked for it

Sheridan: Mommy, what are you going to be for Hallowen?

I am thinking to myself, I am way to self-conscious, ummm...NOTHING!

Me: Ummm...a mommy.

Sheridan: (squeling) A MUMMY!!!!

Of course I just laughed and laughed!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

How we celebrate Father's Day (in KY)

We decided to celebrate Father's day a little different. The girls (and daddy) agreed it was the best Father's day yet! We got him a gift too.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I can't take it anymore...

We live in a fairly new subdivison. New houses are being built on the regular. So that means we get door-to-door sales people every couple of days. It is especially bad in Spring and Summer. I mean we get people that desperately try to get us to come to their church. We have been hasseled by the Jehovah Witness members. You say no and they think that means come back tomorrow! Oh and can we say I will pull out my pistol the next time a Kirby Vacuum salesman offers to vacuum my house! They still want to stay after they see I have laminate floors!!! You name it! Meat salesman are coming atleast twice a week now. Magazine salesman are evil! WAH WAH I need to go to Italy! So what! I need to feed my baby, answer the phone, clean my room, take a shower, and excuse will I try to hold my dog back a-hole!!! It never stops. So this is the sign I made for my door:

We already go to a church.
We don’t need any frozen meats.
We especially don’t need a vacuum.
We are NOT buying.
No Soliciting!

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

If you ever watched Saved by the Bell...

Watch this skit:


Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Favorites Monday

I just thought it would be neat if I told you wonderful readers a few things you may not know about me vs filling out the same ol' "get to know me" quiz.

My favorite pie(s): Key Lime & Strawberry Rhubarb

My dream car: A 67 stang!

Who I would runaway to a tropical island with: 6 letters...E-D-W-A-R-D

All at the same time sounds good.... myself in my sweet ride and being spoon fed Key Lime pie by Edward himself. LOL!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Remembering a Hero on Memorial Day

Sgt Jarrod William Black

Links you can check out that also honor his memory: